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I have always been a creative person. I may have had to leave it to the sidelines during my years in school, while raising young children, or even while building my career, but it is always something I have tended to return to time and time again. I enjoy crocheting, and rediscovered my enjoyment during the early days of the pandemic and quarantine. As a mindfulness activity, I took to creating dishcloths. Why? Well, the answer was quite simple for me: it was easy. The pattern was simple, I knew it inside out. I could create one in a half hour, while I was talking or watching a movie, listening to an audiobook, or helping my child with schoolwork. It was calming and simple. By the time I realized it, I had made over one hundred dishcloths. I didn’t even know I had that much kitchen cotton stashed away, but I did. The kids would laugh at me as I returned up from the basement with another surprise skein of yarn that I had just discovered. It became a thing for me. Next, I had decided to work through more of my stash of yarn and before I knew it, I had created a twin size blanket and two queen sized blankets, several shawls, a few wraps, more dishcloths, and a hat.

Add to that, I have created a few paintings, taken my camera out for several nature walks, walked my older child through baking a number of different and tasty treats, created a month long photography course for my local Cultural Arts Committee that I presented through the month of September. 

But here we are in October. My commitments have been fulfilled. I now have a little time for myself and to work on building this website and getting my photography business back online after a crucial error when exporting my site caused me to lose it all!

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. I will do my best to bring something new to the site at least once a week. I do hope you will join me and share in the conversation. In the meantime, keep safe and healthy, and let me know what your creative journey brings you to!

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