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Diamond Painting

Diamond painting was introduced to me by someone I worked with while doing screenings at our workplace. She talked about it and told me how addictive it was, so I thought I might try it. I ordered this project of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park since it is one of my favourite places. This project was ordered through Home Craftology out of Australia. It took a couple weeks to make its way to Canada, but it was worth the wait since the quality was so great. This project was 50×75 cm in size. It took me about six weeks to complete it. This was just working on it for a couple hours in the evenings and on the weekends.

My co-worker was right. This is very addictive. I found it hard to put down. I enjoyed seeing the image come to life with the gems as they brightened up the canvas. I wasn’t sure how to finish it once I was done though, and it sat for several months before I finally framed it and hung it on the wall.

I think for the next ones, I will look at the magnetic poster hangers as I think they might be a nice alternative to a heavy frame. I do love this though.

There will be more diamond paintings in my future. I have ordered a LOT more….

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