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Crocheted Baby Blanket

I made this beautiful baby blanket for a colleague for her first child. The pattern was from The Felted Button and was quick and easy to work up. I did use quite a bit more yarn than the pattern called for but I also didn’t measure it, and perhaps my stitches were tighter than hers were. Either way, it was a labor of love and it turned out beautifully. She loved her gift and I loved making it.

The pattern sells from her website for a mere $2.00, but it was free when I had made the blanket. The cost is well worth it though as it is a simply elegant product at the end.

I used the recommended yarn, Red Heart Unforgettable. I loved the colours in her photos, so I opted to create mine with the same colours, Candied. I thought it was bright and happy with also being gender neutral.

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